Succulent Splash
Ultra Hydrating Cleanser


If you have dry skin, you need to get this on your face! Desert succulents keep themselves hydrated by holding on to every drop of precious water. That’s exactly what this cleanser will do for your skin.

This exceptional formula contains roots, flowers and succulents! Better yet, since the jojoba beads massage your skin, you’ll actually look forward to using this cleanser! It’ll wake up your skin in the morning and soothe it to relaxation at night. 


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Dry and flaky skin can wreak havoc on your face and can cause long-term consequences like breakouts, dark spots and fine lines. Not to mention, it can be embarrassing!

The environmental way to exfoliate: 
Jojoba beads do not harm the environment or marine life! Treat yourself to this deluxe cleanser that contains gentle exfoliating jojoba beads. These perfectly spherical beads gently exfoliate to remove flaky skin for a baby soft feel.

Unique formula
This formula is massaged into the skin as a lightweight oil. When combined with water, it transforms into a milky texture and rinses off without a trace, leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

Soothing lavender floral bath after a long hard day.


This formula helps embarrassingly dry skin

Aloe is soothing and anti-inflammatory.
Results: Lessen redness and more even skin tone.

Dandelion and Burdock Roots are blood purifiers that remove toxins from the skin.
Results: Lessen skin irritation and sensitivity.

Coriander is an excellent source of free-radical destroying antioxidants. 
Results: Leaves a brighter and calmer complexion.

Calendula reduces day-to-day damage, stimulates collagen production and hydrates dry skin.
Results: Leaves skin hydrated and firm.

Skin Concern



Massage into unclean and dry face. Rinse with water. 

For a deeper clean: cleanse, steam, then layer serums of your choice.

For dry skin: seal everything in with a moisturizing butter balm.

*If jojoba beads settle to the bottom of the bottle, shake before use.


Sweet Almond Oil Infused with Aloe Leaves, Calendula Flowers, Lemon Peel, Turmeric Rhizome, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Coriander Seeds, Bulgarian Lavender Buds, Greek Lavender Buds, Frankincense Serrata, Petitgrain Leaves and Twigs, Rose Absolute Flowers, Olive Oil, Olive Oil Esters, Jojoba Beads, Vitamin E and Rosemary Antioxidant.

No Bad Vibes!
NO chemicals, fillers, artificial preservatives, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, synthetic fragrances, color additives, harsh detergents or any other BS you can think of!


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Ultra Hydrating Cleanser”

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