Daily Defense Butter Balm
Hydrating + Moisturizing

Daily Defense Butter Balm
Hydrating + Moisturizing

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If you are plagued with dry skin even outside the winter months and flakiness is a constant struggle, this balm is your dream come true. When all signs of hydration have been zapped from your skin, this balm melts into the skin to lock in moisture. It is abundantly hydrating without being heavy or greasy on the skin. 

This balm comes in a fun twist up tube that’s easy to apply and keeps your product free of germs and grime!

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Contains lavender from around the world!

French lavender is aggressive in treating inflammation and zapping bacteria.

Bulgarian lavender has a sedative property that soothes the skin.

Greek lavender quickly heals skin damage. 

This non-pore-clogging balm contains a potent blend of succulents, flowers, roots and stems that nourish and hydrate skin that needs to be protected from everyday life.

A sensuous lavender vanilla  milk bath.


Dryness and flakiness don’t stand a chance against this balm.

Calendula contains a high content of linoleic acid.
Results: Calms skin irritation. Sensitive skin feels healed and restored.

Aloe vera contains auxin and gibberellins.
Results: Soothes inflammation and promotes rapid regeneration of new skin cells.

Marshmallow root is known for its mucilage.
Results: Builds healthy collagen for baby soft skin.

Oatstraw gently nourishes the skin and repairs damage.
Results: Reduces skin damage caused by breakouts, scars, dark spots and environmental damage.

Skin Concern



Glide over clean and prepped skin after applying serums. Massage into the skin until fully absorbed.


Avocado Oil Infused with French Lavender Buds, Bulgarian Lavender Buds, Greek Lavender Buds, Calendula Flowers, Aloe Vera Leaves, Oatstraw, Marshmallow Root, Almond Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vanilla, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Rosemary Antioxidant.

No bad vibes!
NO chemicals, fillers, artificial preservatives, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, synthetic fragrances, color additives, harsh detergents or any other BS you can think of!

4 reviews for Daily Defense Butter Balm
Hydrating + Moisturizing

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  1. Moyu Harada

    Goes on smooth and easily absorbs into my skin keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated all day. Works wonders for dry climates, especially in the winter months. The fragrance is also light but heavenly.

  2. Robyn

    I have sensitive skin, and this moisturizer has worked great for me. My skin has become smoother with less visible sunspots. This moisturizer also travels well, since it is a solid at room temperature–no worries about spillage or hassles with airport security.

  3. Juhi Jain

    LIFE CHANGING!!!! THIS HANDS DOWN IS MY FAVORITE PRODUCT FROM TWIGS AND TANSY! All the butter balms work wonders- my skin has improved tremendously using the cleansing balms and butter balms. Each product has a unique use and I interchange them on the daily. They are amazing and make your skin feel soft without leaving it greasy. I use the butter balms under my make up and at night before I sleep. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! WOULD HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! TRY THEM OUT!

  4. Niyati Hirpara

    I lived in New York for a couple of years, and we all know how harsh the weather gets. I was at a point when my skin was peeling off of my face because they weren’t moisturizing enough. I started using this product, especially on my cheeks and nose, and trust me, 1 application in the morning would actually help me get through the day!! I am still using this one, hoping they never stop making it. Really really love this balm!

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