Dr. Nirali’s Story

I struggled with problematic skin for 18 years. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent hours researching how to get a better complexion and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars on products, facials, dermatologists, and prescriptions looking for improved results.

My passion for skin care came to life as I studied plants and herbs in my master’s and doctorate programs. Armed with years of schooling, I learned to blend plants expertly into oils to achieve desired results.

After applying my blends, I no longer got new pimples every day or had flakey skin, even during winter! My blackheads went away completely, whiteheads were significantly reduced, deep pimples weren’t forming, and I didn’t have to moisturize my dry skin every hour. I was shocked!

Using Western and Eastern plants as skin care led to visible changes in my skin with long-lasting results. Using ingredients made by nature became the inspiration behind Twigs and Tansy.

I used to wear foundation to hide my face. Now, I believe that makeup should be an accessory, not a necessity. The best primer for makeup is smooth and supple skin. Since I began using the natural ingredient blends I create with my unique infusion process on my skin, I no longer wear makeup, nor do I feel self-conscious about my face. My confidence went up 100% and I want the same for you!

My goal is to empower you to enjoy your skin care routine, make it fun, and change how you treat your skin to leave you feeling gorgeous and confident.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Nirali

Founder and Owner

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