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Clean living starts with

The average woman applies 180+
chemicals to her skin!

More women are discovering the remarkable skin benefits of
plant-based skin care. Our products contain roots, stems,
twigs, bark, leaves, buds and flowers of exotic and rare plants
AND gorgeous gemstones placed right into your bottle!

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Get ready for

We take pride in our worry-free ingredients that are non-toxic from farm to bottle. Our one-of-a-kind product blends are minimally manipulated for maximum potency and results.

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skin care with

Good skin care is a balanced mix of a healthy external complexion, a strong internal state of body, and a positive mind. To further enhance the healing properties of our formulations, we infuse many of our products with healing gemstones and crystals by placing them inside the bottles.

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traditionally prepared with

The combination of natural remedies and scientific research allows us to bring you the most unique products.

> Traditional remedy – Roman herbalists in the 12th century discovered that the Calendula flower healed a number of skin ailments.

> Modern research – Current studies break down each part of the Calendula flower to show how and why it is effective in soothing skin irritation and sensitivity.


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Our purity promise

We love our furry friends and from farm to bottle, we are fiercly against animal testing.

To put it simply, our products are all natural and completely BS free!

Sourced from chemical-free plants with strict quality control.

We donate to animal shelters to send animals to their forever homes!

We plant one tree for every review you leave and every plastic bottle we use.

Guaranteed minimum ingredient manipulation for maximum results.

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