Clean living starts with

The average woman applies 180+
chemicals to her skin!

More women are discovering the remarkable skin benefits of
plant-based skin care. Our products contain roots, stems,
twigs, bark, leaves, buds and flowers of exotic and rare plants
AND gorgeous gemstones placed right into your bottle!

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gemstones for skin, body and mind


Gemstones and crystals have energies that resonate with the natural vibrations of the earth and the human body.


After carefully choosing gemstones to match skin problems, we put loose gemstones inside our serum bottles! Shake your bottle to hear your gemstones ring!

Our happy Customers!

Acne Dust Mask

I started breaking out recently and have been seeing real skin problems! I use this mask as a paste by mixing it with the Coconut Toner by them (its an amazing combination) and apply this paste on my pimples as a

spot treatment. Its really amazing how a product with no chemicals show such great results!I recommend this for all those looking for even looking skin, and making your pimples go away without scarring them!

Niyati H.

About Last Night Cleanser

This cleanser is life changing!!!! Absolutely love the way it feels when you put it on your skin and cleanses away all the make-up and griminess from your day. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. It is my daily nighttime cleanser after a long day and my go to product to remove any makeup. Using these products with all natural ingredients has helped my skin tremendously and helped me achieve clearer skin!!!! It also is an amazing gift and is a perfect addition to any spa gift set. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!

Juhi J.

Radiance Eye Serum

Just after 3 weeks

I’m not sure what I Love more- the application process or the treatment itself ! Staring at the computer screen for hours during this time has left me grabbing this product whenever I can to get a gentle massage with the stone roller and a nice moisturing swipe thatmy under eyes crave. After some time after applying, the treatment does not sit on top because it is being absorbed. The ingredients used are clean and light, and the packaging is so cute!

Pranjali S.

Firming Complex Serum

I use this serum as a preventative to my aging skin. A few drops of oil is used after my toner. I rub it into my skin. I enjoy using this serum because I have sensitive skin and can develop acne easily. I am very confident that this serum will never harm my skin but benefit it. Thank you Dr. Nirali.

Connie L.

Our purity promise

We love our furry friends and from farm to bottle, we are fiercly against animal testing.

To put it simply, our products are all natural and completely BS free!

Ingredients are sourced from chemical-free plants that are sustainably harvested with strict quality control.

We donate! Your purchase provides a furry friend with a warm bed, full belly, and their forever home.

We plant one tree for every review you leave and every plastic bottle we use.

Our very own special one-of-a-kind infusion process guarntees you minimum ingredient manipulation for maximum results.

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