Clean living starts with

The average woman applies 180+
chemicals to her skin!

More women are discovering the remarkable skin benefits of
plant-based skin care. Our products contain roots, stems,
twigs, bark, leaves, buds and flowers of exotic and rare plants
AND gorgeous gemstones placed right into your bottle!

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Plants And Women Are


To Be Reckoned With

So, it makes sense that our skin is at its best with plant
ingredients that help our skin become more beautiful, stronger
and flawless.

We strive to provide you with a mind-blowing experience from
the moment you open the bottle. The silky textures, the beautiful
gemstones, and the luscious aromas will send you to paradise
without ever leaving your bathroom!

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To enhance the effectiveness of our skin care,
we put gemstones inside the bottles. Shake your
bottle to hear your gemstones ring!

gemstones for skin, body and mind

Stones have been used to heal skin problems for
thousands of years.

Gemstones and crystals have energies that resonate with
the natural vibrations of the earth and the human body.

Women and plants are a force of nature. So, it makes sense that your skin will be at its best with plant ingredients, that help your skin become more beautiful, stronger and flawless.

My goal is to empower you to enjoy your skin care routine, make it fun, and change how you treat your skin to leave you feeling gorgeous and confident!

With love and gratitude,
Dr. Nirali

gemstone roller-ball eye serums!

Real jade gemstone
roller-ball that
de-puffs tired eyes!

Real rose quartz
gemstone roller-ball
that firms mature eyes!

Real dark amethyst
gemstone roller-ball that
brightens dark circles!

Your super-easy skin care Ritual for amazing skin!

Our purity promise

We love our furry friends and from farm to bottle, we are fiercly against animal testing.

To put it simply, our products are all natural and completely BS free!

Ingredients are sourced from chemical-free plants that are sustainably harvested with strict quality control.

We donate! Your purchase provides a furry friend with a warm bed, full belly, and their forever home.

We plant one tree for every review you leave and every plastic bottle we use.

Our very own special one-of-a-kind infusion process guarntees you minimum ingredient manipulation for maximum results.

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