4 reasons to get oils on your face…now!

4 reasons to get oils on your face…now!

Hello beautiful,

If the thought of putting oils on your face makes you want to run the other way, you may want to stop for a moment and change your mind! Oils in skin care have been used since the ancient Egyptian times for radiance and glowing complexions.

Facial oils are a skin care solution that are tailored to work with the natural oils in your skin to keep it balanced. The potential benefits of oils are endless!

The key is understanding that not all oils are the same. In fact, there are oils out there that can even reduce oily skin and acne! Here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate oils into your skin care regimen immediately.

1. Oils protect the skin.

Oils keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. They help your skin retain moisture to keep the skin’s protective barrier strong. This same protective layer keeps toxins and grime out of the pores as you go on with your busy day.

Perfect examples of oils that protect the skin are baobob oil, prickly pear seed oil and murla oil.

Check out our Barrier Repair Intensive Serum that contains Jasper Gemstones + Prickly Pear, Baobob and Turmeric. Jasper is particularly stunning in this formula as it promotes tissue regeneration to replace dry and damaged skin with healthy tissue. It also helps clear the skin of environmental toxins and impurities.


2. Oils are a zit zapper.

If you think putting oils on your face will lead to breakouts, think again! Please don’t slather vegetable oil all over your face! They key to banishing breakouts with oils is using the right ones.

Keep an eye out for oils such as tea tree, clove, jojoba, tamanu nut and neem – these magical ingredients balance oily skin, control oil production, reduce inflammation and reduce acne.

Trying to clear your acne fast? Use the Smooth Skin Serum during the day and 3 Roots Detox Concentrate at night. For a more intense effect, layer them on together in the morning and at night! You’ll see a significant decrease in acne (including hormonal acne), dark spots and future blemishes!

The moment we get a pimple on our skin, we can’t wait to clear it up…like yesterday! If you’re anything like that, for a super duper clearing boost, add 1-2 drops of our Fix It Quick No Acne Potion for dramatically and rapid clearing results.


3. Oils hydrate dry skin.

What worse than dry skin? Dry skin that’s flaky and peeling! Dry skin can wreak havoc on your face leading to long-term skin damage and dark spots. There are heavier oils for dry skin that will not clog pores. This means you’ll have hydrated and glowing skin without bumps and irritation.

Keep an eye out for ingredients such as argan oil, our marula oil sourced from South Africa – Hydration Station, prickly pear seed oil – Moisturization Station, squalane + jojoba oils (vegan, of course) – Dream Team Serum – -all these oils will hydrate beautifully without leading to breakouts.

4. Oils keep the wrinkles away.

Everything under the sun can cause wrinkles – wind, cold weather, heaters, ultraviolet light, you name it. This makes it even more important to use products that protect the skin from getting wrinkles in the first place.

There are oils that firm and tone the skin while perfectly hydrating to smooth fine lines. Ingredients to lookout for: argan oil, hemp oil, camellia seed oil and apricot kernel oil. Our Firming Complex Youth Serum and Firming Eye Complex even contain REAL gemstones inside the bottle!!! Yep, 3 different types of actual gemstones you can see!


Get it now!

All of our cleansing oils and our luxurious serums can be used anytime and anywhere. You can use them in the morning and evening or an extra time in between. Their uses are easily customizable to your lifestyle and what your skin craves.

There’s a reason, actually many good reasons, why oils have been all the hype in recent skin care regimens. Get on the beauty train to see how they can help you achieve the dreamy skin you’ve always wanted with our 5 step beauty ritual!


Love always and wishing you beautiful skin!

~ Dr. Nirali


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